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Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition Out Now and is Free For Some Players

It’s not often that we see a company put out a game for free, but that’s what’s happening with Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition. Out today, it’s a remaster of Zombie Driver from the PS3. If you purchased it on the PS3 or added it to your library when it was on PS Plus, you can grab the game for free. It contains all the original missions, races, arenas, and DLC in one package.

The co-founder of EXOR Studios, Pawel Lekki, made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog today. Beyond the kind gesture from the studio, the message and explanation was one of gratitude to the players who helped the studio be where it is today. He said:

“I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who played Zombie Driver during the previous generation. Thanks to your support we are continuing to make games as an independent studio and we hope that you will enjoy Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition on PS4 and beyond.”

The team at EXOR Studios obviously had to do some work to make the game function on the PS4, so it’s really nice that they would give it away to past players. If you’re looking for something to play this weekend, maybe give it a shot. Everyone loves killing zombies.

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