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Zombie Survival Title How To Survive 2 Shambles Onto PS4

Howdy folks, your friendly neighbourhood PlayStation addicts here. We know there are some big releases on the horizon but don’t forget about the palate-cleansing variety of digital only offerings that are popping up in the month of February. One such title, 505 Games co-op zombie survival game ‘How To Survive 2’ released today on PS4. The game originally released last September on Steam to mostly positive reviews and is now coming to consoles, with PS4 first today and Xbox One to follow on the 13th. We’ve gathered everything we know about the game below and you can check it out in action with the console announcement trailer above.

Zombie survival games aren’t exactly a rare proposition on console. Compared to the Steam marketplace, however, we barely see the tip of the iceberg. When a game stands out enough to get positive feedback from players and gets all the way to a console release, then, it’s probably worth your attention. How To Survive 2 from publisher 505 Games and developer Eko Software is a survival title that offers a co-operative player environment in a post apocalyptic New Orleans and persistent base building system, to set itself apart from the competition.

As you can see form the trailer above, the game takes place form a third person perspective and lets up to four players team up to take on the zombie menace. Players can also establish their own base camps and invite up to sixteen other players to join them and contribute to their improvement. If you’re tired of survival games where other players are more deadly than the environment, this might be the title for you. As you would expect in a survival title, there’s also a gathering and crafting system that lets players craft items and weapons for both themselves and their base. Outside of just surviving, How To Survive 2 features other survivors in the form of NPC’s who will dole out quests and side missions and players can level up and improve their characters over time with a levelling system and skill tree. Oh, did we mention there are zombie rabbits?

How To Survive 2 is available now on PS4 as a direct download from the PlayStation store, currently £11.99 for those of you in the UK. Give us your tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse or your thoughts on the growing menace of zombie rabbits in the comments below.  

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