Zombies Look Set to Take Over Verdansk in the Latest Call of Duty: Warzone Teaser

Call of Duty: Warzone is a popular part of the franchise. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that it’s currently getting a lot of attention from the developers. But with a shipwreck resulting in an apparent zombie outbreak, Verdansk is the latest centre point of disaster and it could be about to make the headlines for some explosive Season 2 Finale. 

Breaking news was aired on the official Call of Duty Twitter account today. And it showed a potential new pandemic getting underway. That’s because footage shared with the BCH4 newsroom showed a zombie outbreak originating at a ship wreck, with the undead slowly taking over a part of Verdansk. However, rumours are already circulating that suggest this won’t be a contained incident. Instead, they think the whole area could be meeting an explosive end.

Good old Call of Duty, eh?

The news report describes the situation as a invasion from a horde of zombies, stemming from the shores. However, when the camera is passed over to a reporter in the field, his helicopter is suddenly shot out of the skies and little else is seen. Except for the newsroom that the camera pans back to, that is.

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But there could be more going on here than previously thought.

You see, as the “infection zone” only forms a little part of the overall map, VGC believes the issue could actually spread further afield. And at that point, the Season 2 finale/one year anniversary could prompt a nuking. This will then see the eras transition from the times of Modern Warfare back to the Black Ops Cold War era, all orchestrated through the nukes scattered around the region. Something that sounds all very Oscar-worthy, but is yet to be seen.

In the meantime, we can only count down the days until something happens. Now, that sounds fun, doesn’t it…

Source: VGC

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