Zombies Spotted in Red Dead Online, Undead Nightmare 2 Incoming?

Halloween is still over a month away, yet it looks like Rockstar is already preparing to bring the spooks in Red Dead Redemption 2, more specifically, Red Dead Online. Reddit users across the globe are reporting that zombies are showing up in their online games, prompting some to assume that the latest update for Red Dead Redemption 2 (a couple of days ago) added the undead characters to the game. Perhaps it’s preparation for a Halloween event next month, or maybe it’s something a little more expansive.

One theory is that these undead NPCs are being added to the game to tease an upcoming expansion, possibly Undead Nightmare 2. However, I’m not too optimistic that we’ll see a fully fledged single-player expansion. Given that Rockstar shelved its GTA V single-player DLC plans once it realised fools and their money are easier to part online than in real life, it’s possible that any zombie-themed content will be stuck to Red Dead Online in order to get players who’ve ignored the online offerings through the door. That would be a total shit, so fingers crossed I’m wrong and we’ll get an Undead Nightmare 2 next month. Cross ya toes, too.

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The most likely outcome is that we’ll have a zombie-themed event for Halloween and it’ll only be available in Red Dead Online, and of course, there will be microtransactions. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy a hat and eat it.

Source: GamesRadar

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